Feed SC is bringing to light the issues surrounding the food desert, and fast food paradise, that is South Central Los Angeles.
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Feed SC identifies just some of the barriers to equitable food access in low income, urban and rural communities throughout the United States.

Fast Food In South Central

After our conversation with Lisa Goldstein, we have begun to focus on the propensity of fast food establishments in South Central Los Angeles. 

We did a small study and found that there are a few key reasons why people often choose fast food over food from Grocery stores:

1) Fast food is cheaper. 

    We fount this statement to be very true. In order to make a hamburger with ingredients  form the maker, you would need to spend almost 3 times as much money as it would cost you to buy a burger from a fast food chain (like McDonalds or Burgar King)

2) Time:

    In a society that values efficiency and sped and in a neighborhood where quick options are a necessity, fast food lends itself to be an easy meal option because of the speed and efficiency of that food type. 

These two factors are key issues that must be addressed if we are going to find solutions to our vast food problems in South Los Angeles

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Feed SC interviews Lisa, a food policy expert at USC, on the issues surrounding healthy food access in South Central Los Angeles.

Feed SC mapped and counted fast food restaurants in South Central Los Angeles.  The most surprising results: 46 Burger joints, not including the Mc Donald’s, Jack in the Boxes, Fatburgers, Burger Kings, and Tam’s Burgers!

In total there are 176 fast food restaurants within approximately 51 square miles. That’s almost 4 fast food places per mile. Many fast food joints are concentrated in specific areas.

The green placemarkers denote fast food restaurants with menu items containing under 500 calories (i.e. Subway and Salad Farm). Not much to choose from in terms of healthy options eh?

Choose your foods widely! Feliz dia de la comida!

Just in case you were thinking about grabbing lunch at MCd’s on your way to school…